Creative Writing- Notes and Tasks

A record of the tasks and activities the class has done centred around creative writing.

This post will follow the tasks that the class does while learning about devices commonly used when developing a scene.


Connotations are the secondary ideas that we associate with a word. They are used to develop the tone and atmosphere of a piece of writing as well as presenting an idea through a shared characteristic of the word choices.

The Task: The weather presented us with an opportunity to use the scene outside of our classroom as inspiration today. As a class, we discussed what word connotations are and then set about describing the day outside based off our the mood we were feeling (in relation to the weather). The focus was on selecting words that developed a single tone throughout our description (actively considering connotation).

The view from the front window of our classroom today.
“The Square” outside of our classroom.
The top field from inside our classroom.

Language Devices: A Refresh

Many of the students already have some knowledge of common language devices. We have been using Quizlet to ensure that everyone is on the same page with their terms and definitions.

Language Devices- 10MD Quizlet





Show, Don’t Tell!




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