The Film Essay

Following the study of our film, The Adjustment Bureau, we will now write an essay that closely analyses the final scene of the film.

Explain how the director uses film techniques to communicate an important idea.

The essay should be of approximately 800 to 1000 words in length. Three film techniques must be explained in the essay and they should all work together to communicate the important idea that you select.

The structure of your essay follows the same pattern that we have been practicing all year- the burger format.

– Outline the text, state the title and the director’s name.
– Rephrase the question with the specific details you will use (what film techniques are you discussing and what important idea is communicated).
– Give a brief description of the scene for context.

Body Paragraphs:
We have had a lot of practice at these. Look back at your work from the end of last term. Remember:
Y-der purpose

– Restate the text and director.
– Explain how you have answered the question (what were your main points).
– Comment on the “big idea” of your essay and why it is a valuable one to understand.

You are invited to ask any questions that you need to in order to clarify your understanding of the task. Seek feedback from your teacher to ensure you are on the right track. You should look to use the four hours of in-class time wisely. If you wish to work on this at home then please feel encouraged to do so.


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