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The Film Essay

Following the study of our film, The Adjustment Bureau, we will now write an essay that closely analyses the final scene of the film. Explain how the director uses film techniques to communicate an important

The Week that Was: A Homework Task

A literacy skills task designed to also get us reading about our world.


Debating: The Guides and Notes

The template that can guide you in writing and structuring your speech.


Debating- Teams, Moots and Matchups!

The team lists and debates that will be unfolding in our classroom in a couple of weeks.

Romeo and Juliet- Post Reading Tasks

Now that we have finished reading the play, Romeo and Juliet, we will be delving into some of the ideas that are developed by Shakespeare in the text. Romeo Romeo is one of two main protagonists in the play.

Romeo and Juliet- Research!

In order to help us understand the concept of fate, you are going to journey back in time to Elizabethan England to discover what people really believed about fate controlling their lives. Your task is