Debating- Teams, Moots and Matchups!

The team lists and debates that will be unfolding in our classroom in a couple of weeks.

Because we had a full class on Monday, we sat down as a class and set up the teams, moots and debates that will take place in a couple of weeks.


Team 1: Lewis, Ella and Timo

Team 2: Jackson, Millie and Jacob

Team 3: Ben, Taane and Wilson

Team 4: Logan, Neve and Bella R

Team 5: McKay, Olly and Scarlett

Team 6: Jenna, Bella S, Amber and Kriti

Team 7: Sammy, Amelia and Sam

Moots and Matchups

That all New Zealanders should have access to free healthcare for the duration of their lives in New Zealand.

Affirmative: Team 3 Negative: Team 1

That the traditional working week should be shortened to four days.

Affirmative: Team 4 Negative: Team 7

That Wanaka should operate an international airport.

Affirmative: Team 6 Negative: Team 2 and Team 5

Because of the uneven numbers in the class, we will run two debates on the final moot. As team 6 has four members, they will select two speakers to present their speeches twice, however, they will only be assessed on their first attempt in order to keep things equal for all students.

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