Romeo and Juliet- The Class Reading

Below are some of the notes from the discussions we have been having as we have read the Shakespearean play, Romeo and Juliet.

To begin with, we discussed what we know about the play and who are two families are.


We began by discussing the function of the prologue. The class decoded some of the language and began to gain an understanding of how we need to use our ‘figurative’ brains when reading Shakespeare to really dig into what he is trying to say.

A shot of the book from a student following our discussion of the prologue.

We then began taking turns reading different character parts of the play. Throughout the whole play, everyone has taken a turn at reading. Some students even got to the point where they wanted to read!

Along the way, we stopped to discuss some lines of the play. We used a few different methods for this, such as post it note discussions, small group brainstorms and of course, full class conversations around the whiteboard. Below are some pictures of various moments we have stopped to have a learning conversation.

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